Long Term Rentals in Crete

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KR-528 Alison’s House – Vamos

Special Price: 700 €
Property Code: KR-528
Short Description: Detached 2 storey house with 2 beds / 2 baths + WC , in Vamos. A nice place to consider if looking for a comfortable and quiet let in a traditional Cretan village.

KR-519 Garden Apartment – Sellia

Special Price: 300 €
Property Code: KR-519
Short Description: Fully furnished, 50 m2 ground floor apartment with garden and BBQ. 1 bed/ 1 bath This is a comfortable home for long term rental in a traditional Cretan style with stone paved floors and built in furniture, with beautiful lush gardens.

KR-514 Christina’s House – Nio Chorio

Special Price: 400 €
Property Code: KR-514
Short Description: 1 bedroom, furnished single storey house with huge basement and Inside: the house, in Cretan style has rooms flowing from one to the other and recently renovated in a traditional style with wooden floors, high wooden ceilings and tall windows.

KR-509 Rose Villa – Drapanos

Price: 650 €
Special Price: 400 €
Property Code: KR-509
Short Description: This modern house in a quiet development in Drapanos, is a fully furnished detached house with 2 beds / 2 baths and a shared pool