Rentals and holiday homes on Crete

Many of Crete Island Estates’ clients now live permanently in Crete, but their initial visits to our island were for exploration and discovery. With our extensive contacts with the local villagers, Crete Islan RENTALS AND HOLIDAY HOMES ON creted Estates has a considerable list of rentals available for long term rentals.

Whether you are wanting to slow down to a Mediterranean lifestyle in your retirement, looking to live in the area before buying a home, escaping a cold winter for a warmer climate or spending the duration of a construction project here, we specialize in Long term rental homes, and with our personal experience of moving from one country to another can offer a very personal and informative service initially to find a property and then to support your stay here.


What will I need to rent in Crete?

If you are an EU citizen you are welcome to rent here with just a Greek tax number for contract purposes (like a registration number) which you can apply for in Chania.  Non EU visitors should check with their own embassies for current guidelines. Some form of health insurance will be required although there is free emergency medical care or private doctors.


How do I rent a property?

We strongly recommend a visit to the area and will arrange property viewings for you, but the majority of our clients now rent via our website. We encourage you to do some research yourself (facts rather than ex pat opinions!) and ask as many questions about the area and property to ensure you make an informed decision before you commit to a contract. With such a buoyant rental market in this region we recommend visits only a month or so before the actual start of a contract as we cannot usually ‘reserve’ a house for longer than this.


When you have made your choice, we arrange a standard bilingual l(English and Greek) contract for you and the landlords, and then via bank transfer ask for a refundable damages deposit plus a rent in advance plus agency fees (depending on the length of the contract).  We do not charge a renewal fee in case of an extension past 1 year on the same property, and if you build or buy a property with us within the contract period we will give a reduction in fees for the purchase. Minimum length of contract we arrange is generally 12 weeks.

Living in Crete

There are many different things to consider when moving here. The Apokoronas region is made up of lovely traditional villages or seaside towns open all year round, so we recommend some form of transport here as the bus service is limited.

The good: our way of life is a laid back slower pace of life, centred around outdoor living, drinking cold local wine in village squares, early morning swimming in the sea, afternoon siestas in the heat of the day, enjoy later meals in the cooler star covered nights during the hot dry spells in summer, often reflected in the style of properties on offer.

The bad: village life means fewer amenities, occasional water and electric cuts, limited connection to landlines (wi-fi by satellite systems), insects, high temperatures, lack of public transport.

For most clients this is a completely different way of living, flexibility and an open mind are recommended!

When to come

From April to October we have long hot, dry summers with warm seas and outdoor living, the area comes alive with all businesses open and many visitors to the area. In winter everything calms down when the summer visitors leave, and we have time to explore the island in the cooler weather, hike, take up hobbies and projects, enjoy the wildlife and enjoy hearty Cretan winter dishes in front of big log fires. January and February is our rainy period, the climate becomes damper and summer businesses close for winter. The laid back, relaxed lifestyle is sometimes at the cost of a more basic infrastructure and less modern amenities.  But we are here to support you with your relocation and will provide all the information you will need to enjoy your time in Crete.