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KH-0745 Green Door Renovation Project – Gavalochori

Price: 79,000 €
Property Code: KH-0745
House Size (sqm): 100sqm approx
View: Village
Short Description: For sale in Gavalochori: This pretty little house is located in one of the most desirable villages in the area. The house is very traditional, built entirely of stone and requires full renovation. It is located within just a few minutes of the central square, so a perfect location for holidays. It is a full renovation project but could interest you if you would like to live in one of the most sought after villages in the area. As the main house is a good size this street facing area could be a commercial premises (with the correct permissions) and the rooms round the courtyard a tiny but full of character home.

KH-0713 Honeysuckle Renovation – Kalives

Price: 65,000 €
Property Code: KH-0713
House Size (sqm): 38sqm approx
View: village
Short Description: For sale in Kalives: This tiny little village house is for sale right in the centre of Kalives and within minutes easy walk of the beach, tavernas and shops. What makes it special is the delightful mature garden which is 152sqm and filled with lemon, pomegranite and mulberry trees, with hibiscus flowers and the lovely perfumed honeysuckle.

KH-0733 Avli Traditional House – Plaka

Price: 80,000 €
Special Price: 60,000 €
Property Code: KH-0733
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
House Size (sqm): 50sqm approx
View: village
Short Description: For sale in Plaka: Habitable but requiring some renovation and updating, this 50sqm property is in the heart of the highly sought after village of Plaka. The single storey house is of traditional styling and comprises 3 rooms with a small courtyard

KH-0726 Pantelis’ Cottage – Embrosneros

Price: 55,000 €
Special Price: 39,000 €
Property Code: KH-0726
House Size (sqm): 65
View: Countryside
Short Description: This charming old stone house is located just on the edge of the village and is surrounded by trees, shrubs and friendly neighbours. It is, at the moment, just one room with mezzanine platform and kitchen alcove.

KH-0709 Fig Tree House – Kokkino Chorio ***FURTHER MAJOR REDUCTION***

Price: 79,000 €
Special Price: 38,000 €
Property Code: KH-0709
House Size (sqm): 78.51sqm
Short Description: ***NEWLY REDUCED PRICE*** This pretty old house is located just a few minutes away from the heart of the traditional village of Kokkino Chorio. Hidden away in the heart of the old village is a sweet little property waiting to be rediscovered.

KH-0702 Orange Tree Renovation Property – Ramni

Price: 78,000 €
Property Code: KH-0702
Bedrooms: 1
House Size (sqm): 113
View: White Mountains and village
Short Description: Renovation property - a charming stone house of 113sqm in traditional style and is approximately 113sqm in size. Currently just 3 rooms but with minor change it could become a simple 1 or 2 bedroom house, or as it has 400sqm building density, it could be extended to become significantly larger.

KH-0457 Embrosneros Farmhouse Renovation Project

Price: 95,000 €
Property Code: KH-0457
View: White Mountains and countryside
Short Description: This delightful old farmhouse is not far from the village square in the hillside village of Embrosneros and just 10 minutes drive from the large beaches and shops at the resort of Georgoupoli and the National Highway.

***MASSIVE 40% REDUCTION*** KH-0189 Likotinara Farmhouse Project

Price: 78,000 €
Special Price: 44,995 €
Property Code: KH-0189
House Size (sqm): 90
Short Description: ***MAJOR REDUCTION FOR THIS PRETTY HOUSE*** This lovely old farmhouse which requires full renovation is not far from the village square in the quaint village of Likotinara, but only a 10 minute drive from the large beaches and shops at the resort of Georgoupoli, and the National Highway.

***NEW PRICE*** KH-0542 Koukos Village House Project

Price: 79,000 €
Special Price: 49,000 €
Property Code: KH-0542
House Size (sqm): 130
View: Countryside and distant sea
Short Description: ***NEW REDUCED PRICE*** This pretty village house has, like the close-by village of Fres, many hidden assets and is patiently waiting for a new owner to sympathetically restore it to its former glory. The house is in Koukos, a quiet hamlet above the hillside village of Fres.