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Vamos, an appealing little town, is situated in the heart of the Apokoronas. With its 700 inhabitants, Vamos is the capital of the Apokoronas region. As in Kalives, all major services are available including a post office, bank, 24-hour health centre, and shops selling traditional Cretan products as well as some fine cafÃęs and restaurants. Most of the villagers are engaged in olive production and agriculture. The village has a long and rich history. In the early 1800s the village witnessed several battles between the Cretans and Turkish occupation soldiers. Due to its geographical strategic position the Pasha of the region chose Vamos for his residence. In 1866, combatants for the freedom of Crete surrounded the village. In 1896 the people of Vamos demanded concessions from the Turkish administration, which were refused. In retaliation over 4,000 Cretans besieged the village. The Cretans were victorious but sadly many were wounded or lost their lives. This battle was significant in the liberation of Crete.