Standard Building Specification

Crete Island Estates and Construction Inc has considerable expertise and experience in the construction and renovation of traditional, classical, and modern style homes in Western Crete.

Work is carried out by us under the supervision of an Architect, or mechanical Engineer and is constructed in accordance with current Greek Building Regulations. Below is a summary of the standard specifications we work to:-


Foundations, columns, lintels, flat roofs, and floors are constructed of concrete strengthened and reinforced with top quality iron. This complies with Greek Anti-Seismic Building Regulations. Concrete is sourced solely from companies certified to ISO 9001 (2000) standards.

We use additives to keep concrete fluid during the pouring reducing the risk of air bubbles, protecting the reinforcing iron from corrosion. Another is sprayed on floor slabs to prevent drying too quickly and cracking in hot weather

To ensure quality control a concrete sample tested every 8 cubic meters.

  1. WALLS

2.1a Exterior Walls Brick (conventional build)

Exterior walls are normally 30 cm thick wall as specified by the Architect and Mechanical Engineer. We use various types of construction to achieve this, dependent on style of property and in accordance with the instruction of the Civil Engineer.


2.1b Exterior Walls Stone

The exterior stone walls are normally constructed from 50 cm solid stone walls. “locked” at each corner of the building with interlocking key stones. This is the old traditional manner of construction. The mortar used between the stones is made stronger and damp resistant with a resin additive.

Further details are available on request in our Prospectus

2.2 Interior Walls

The interior walls are normally constructed of plastered 10-cm thick brick walls. They are strengthened by the addition of concrete lintels at door and window height.

Gypsum or concrete panel boards can also be used to form internal walls using a metal skeleton frame. Further details and options are available on request.


Interior and exterior walls are plastered with three layers of plaster. Standard finish is usually smooth not polished or finely finished.

Fibre mesh is applied over all joints of differing materials to ensure adhesion and prevent cracking. Plastic or steel angle beads are used at all non-softened corners for added chip protection.

  • Pitched roof

Our pitched roofs are fully water-proofed and heat insulated prior to application of the ceramic tiles. The tiles are of a colour selected by the CLIENT from the standard range of colours. The roof is normally supported on roof trusses specified by the Mechanical Engineer and clad with tongued and grooved boarding. The internal aspect of the roof is normally exposed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the natural timbers.

The heat insulation of the roof will meet the requirements of the current Greek building regulations regarding heat insulation (K.En.A.K. which is the Greek Energy Saving Regulation).

  • Flat Roofs

These are normally constructed of reinforced concrete as described in Section 1 above. They are fully water and thermally insulated using our own process designed to ensure maximum and long-lasting waterproofing. This is achieved by the use of the latest ECO friendly products.

  • Guttering

On pitched roofs normally all plastic down pipes and guttering installed are of a high quality conforming to BS-4576 or equivalent. Exterior down pipes from the flat roof areas are either clad or recessed into corners so as not to spoil the aesthetic lines of the design.

On stone houses we can supply stone gutter and down pipes of our own design and construction.


CRETE ISLAND ESTATES/EBCC INC. pays special attention to the use of insulation and fully complies with Greek energy conservation recommandations (K.En.A.K.)

Full details of the relative insulation requirements are available if required.


Windows and patio windows we supply as standard are white aluminium with double glazed panels. We are able to supply coloured aluminium or hard wood windows and doors on request (at extra cost). They have a thermal break as standard in order to meet requirements of K.En.A.K.

Internal doors are made with wooden frame covered with MDF or in traditional style. Fitted wardrobes are made from MDF or a traditional style appropriate to the building and as selected by the CLIENT. The kitchen fitted will be in a style appropriate to the building, designed in consultation with the CLIENT.


Our work is carried out in accordance with recommendations stipulated by the Greek electric company DEH and Greek building regulations. Additional ground fault protection is installed to comply with the very latest Greek Electrical regulations.

The positioning of lighting, the number and position of the power points and switches are decided and agreed with the CLIENT in the form of an electrical plan.

All cables used for the installation are as recommended by the DEH and all electrical works are in accordance with Greek building regulations.


Pipes used for the plumbing work are Unipipe (DVGW U 670 and TS 341) supplied from the German company Unicor

Plumbing work includes:

  • Supply and installation of hot and cold water supply pipes, taps, kitchen and bathroom fittings etc.
  • Construction of a septic tank, installation of piping and waste connection to septic tank. Alternatively, we have a number of types and systems for specific locations, including biological and water recycling options.
  • Supply and installation of a solar panel and tank,
  • Supply and installation of a spare capacity water tank
  • Installation and supply of all bathroom fitments and accessories,
    selected from the standard range.
  1. TILING – General

All internal (and external spaces) floors are levelled with two layers, first with base or foundation concrete, then cement screed. The products used are high quality and ECO friendly. The type and specification of each product is tailored and chosen to meet the situation in which the tiles are being used.


All paint and wood treatment products used are of the highest quality and have been selected for suitability and the local climate. The latest ECO friendly paints are sourced and used in the various applications. All external and internal walls are primed and then given three coats of paint.

Stone surfaces are sealed with Silicone based clear sealer. This is to provide a waterproof protective seal on the stone.

All wooden doors and ceilings are treated with paint, varnish and/or oil as appropriate according to the style and final finish of the house.


The information above is a general outline, but our construction Director would be pleased to provide an inhouse materials briefing to explain the materials we will be using on your property and the techniques and tools used by us during the construction of your home. Detailed information about the specification can be provided if required. Continuous review of suitable products is undertaken by our construction team and assessed for suitability by our director.


Prior to commencement of work we will provide you with a fully detailed contract which provides information about the materials to be used, the phasing of the work, information about non-standard products if requested, costings for optional extras if requested. In addition, the contract will identify phased payment scheduling and an agreed timescales with fixed completion date.

The company includes a five-year guarantee from the date that the DEVELOPER formally hands over the property or from the date when the CLIENT occupies or stays in the property, whichever is the earliest.

Specification for a concrete tiled swimming pool

Crete Island Estates and Construction Inc has considerable expertise & experience in the construction of all types of pool in a variety of locations. Designs have included infinity, curved, rectangular, square, heated & unheated. Our normal specifications are as shown below. If required, we can provide details of other alternative finishes and design of pools. Please contact us for details.


The foundations, base and walls of a pool are constructed from reinforced concrete according to the design of the Civil Engineer. This construction method complies with the current Greek Anti-Seismic Building Regulations.


All interior walls of the pool are plastered with two layers of traditional plaster prior to any tiling. Additionally, the machinery rooms (if present) are plastered and painted. The plaster is treated with a waterproofing compound prior to tiling to further improve the sealing of the pool. This is carried out with materials compatible with the tile adhesive and grouts used.

Externally the pool walls are painted with black bitumen and then a protective membrane applied to protect this insulation from damage before the rock infill is carried out.

Externally the pools can be insulated against heat loss. This is particularly useful and economic where pools are to be heated. The thickness of insulation is based on recommendations from the Mechanical Engineer.


The pipes and valves used are heavy duty PVC to withstand 10 atmospheres. All pipes associated with the supply and installation of the pool machinery will be as per the Suppliers specifications and will meet current Greek building standards.


The internal walls and floor of the pool are tiled with tiles selected by the CLIENT from our standard range of pool tiles. Anti slip tiles are fitted to any internal steps in the pool.


Prior to commencement of work we will provide you with a fully detailed contract which provides information about the materials to be used, The contract will identify payment scheduling and an agreed timescale with fixed completion date.

The company includes a five-year guarantee from the date the DEVELOPER formally hands over the pool.